My SOLIDS Snapshots!

Adam was sweet to come over to photograph some of my latest creations.  It was great to have a beautiful day.  Here’s the front:

And the back:

And my little “scrappy” pillow.

We also took this opportunity to photograph some of my Mom’s amazing creations.  I’m so lucky to have a talented Mom and some of her finest pieces.  She’s obviously the one who has inspired me the most!

Mom’s Garden Quilt.  She says she got these wool scraps from a garage sale.  Now that’s making “something from nothing”!




Lovely crocheted stripe-y afghans!  Mom made dozens of these.  The one on the left is her first one, I think.



Lots of interesting needlepointed pillows.

And last but not least . . . what I feel is Mom’s masterpiece.  A beautiful, white, hand-crocheted bedspread!  Look at the baubles!

Thanks for it all, Mom!  And thanks, Adam!  Great job!

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Oddly Charming

The beginning of this year didn’t offer much free time for quilting.  Things settled down a bit though, so I decided it was time for another challenge.  I found out that the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild had decided to participate in the Robert Kaufman Solids Only Challenge and Debbie was nice to send me the last charm pack in the pale colors.  Probably not the palette I would have pick, but I guess that’s what a challenge is all about, isn’t it?

Several weeks passed as I played around with design ideas.  In fact, I probably spent more time designing this quilt than I did sewing it up!  I’ve enjoyed playing around with Excel and decided that I’d use that as my tool for quilt design and color selection.  So, this is what I came up with.

The soft, pale colors are cute, but I wanted to add some “punch” to this quilt – make it bright and happy!  The challenge rules allowed me to add up to 3 different RK solids, so I chose two of my favorites:  Lagoon (or turquoise) and Pomegranite (magenta).  I also wanted to add some warmth and neutrality without it being too “bla”, so I thought the Gold (background) would look good with all this variety.  I can’t quite remember if I decided on these 3 colors first, or if I designed my layout first.  Maybe they came together kind of simultaneously.  Each pattern block is a 9-patch of odd-numbered sizes – 7, 9, and 11 inch (height) by 7, 9, and 11 inch (width).  I used every combination!  Some are perfect squares and some are (perfect) rectangles.  Also, each 9-patch block is made of different sizes of smaller units – 2, 3, 4 and 5 inches (height and width).  I suspect you may be thinking that this is too complicated (and I’m nuts), but once I started plugging in my color ideas on the spreadsheet, everything came together pretty quickly.  That’s about as much math as I plan to integrate into my quilts!

The blocks became rows . . .

Soon (figuratively speaking) all 35 blocks were assembled.  I had used ALL the charm colors (was required to use at least 30 of the 45) and basically ended up with just a handful of pastel scraps I didn’t use.  Lots of the leftovers from the charm squares were used as “leaders” and “enders”.  That’s how I got the great pieced sections for the back!  I like the back almost as much as the front!



Even my little “Marty” wanted to be in on the action and made sure no one took my batting!

Tomorrow, my dear nephew (a great photographer) and I will get some pics of the finished piece!  Hope it’s a beautiful day!

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Hello Tomte!

“Better late than never” is true, especially if it refers to a return to a little blogging and finally finishing a project that I started before Christmas.  This “tomte” now has a new home with a dear friend.  He was so much fun to make that maybe I’ll make one for myself!

Over the years, I’ve received many beautiful pewter Christmas ornaments from Barb.  I love each and every one.  One day, I’ll take some better photos of my little tree (lower left photo) that generally doesn’t get put away until March or April, just so I can enjoy it more!

Hope this little guy looks after you and yours!  Happy belated birthday, Barb!

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What took me so long?

Ok, I know.  It’s been 3 months.  I’ve been busy with Mom moving, wallpaper stripping, painting, etc.

But, my brown bag challenge project is finally done.  Hooray!

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Call me “11”

I’ve got this “thing” about numbers, especially double-digit, odd numbers.  This year I turn 55 (born in 1955), been a nurse for 33 years (graduated in 1977),  and just celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss (married in 1999).

So, this little project, although not yet completed, is made in celebration of 11 very special, colorful, unpredictable years.  Happy Anniversary, Bub!  You are the “best-est”!

This one won’t take me a year to finish!  Promise.

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

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Brown Bagging It

Being the master of procrastination, here I am designing (if that’s what you wanna call it) and creating my “Brown Bag Challenge” piece for Monday night.  I’ve being attending Brighton Modern Quilt Guild meetings at Monarch Quilts.  We’ve had 3 months to work on this project.  .  .  .  Hopefully I’m not the only one who is doing this.  (I tell myself I’m most creative under pressure.)

Here’s a sneak peak of what I have so far.

One of the fabrics is this pretty “snow-dyed” fabric.  I wanted to showcase it instead of chopping it up too much!  NEXT time, I promise not to wait until the last days!

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Fun Without Rules!

Last week at our local modern quilt guild meeting, we had the pleasure of a wonderful trunk show by Kathryn Schmidt, author of Rule-Breaking Quilts.  Kathryn brought lots of beautiful, inspiring pieces, but my absolute favorite is the small quilt she has on the cover of her new book.

I had fun taking lots of photos and uploading them to

The vibrant colors and amazing free-motion quilting of this one was awesome!  Kathryn’s work motivated me to dive into my little pile of scraps and just start playing.

I know, there’s those owls again!

I just love bright colors with black . . .

Now for the crazy quilting!

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